Risks Threatening Stable Anti-epidemic Environment Eliminated in DPRK

Pyongyang, August 8 (KCNA) -- Consistently conducted in the DPRK is the work to find risks that may threaten the stably controlled and managed anti-epidemic environment and take timely measures for eliminating them.

While monitoring nationwide cases with abnormal symptoms in real time, the state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters continue to focus its efforts on carrying out various scientific and accurate tests in time.

Whenever cases with fever symptoms are detected and reported, members of rapid mobile anti-epidemic teams and rapid diagnosis and treatment teams are urgently dispatched to lock down relevant areas, find and quarantine all suspected cases and scientifically look into the source of the fever outbreak in liaison with central-level hospitals.

Research on accurately finding out major factors of various diseases that accompany fever symptoms such as COVID-19, influenza and adenovirus is further intensified.

Emergency anti-epidemic sectors and curative and preventive organs at all levels carefully observe the anti-epidemic situation while making efficient use of various test equipment including those for the malignant virus installed in relevant areas and units.

They deepen the research into the source of the outbreak of various diseases owing to seasonal and regional causes in the past period and further conduct the work to root out the source of polluting working and living conditions. -0-

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